Ninja Warrior: Running up a wall is totally doable

Ninja Warrior

Our favorite part of the Ninja Warrior class we wrote about in the newsletter this week was learning how to run up a wall. We definitely recommend signing up for the class at Brooklyn Zoo and being guided by an instructor before trying this on your own but here’s a breakdown of how we learned to do this cool and totally doable trick.

Our instructor started started us on a shorter wall with a gym mat in front of it so we could get the basic movement down. The first step is learning to run at the wall and step on to it with your dominant foot. The trick is to keep your knee bent as opposed to stepping too early which results in your leg being straighter and makes it harder to propel your body upward. Once we’d practiced a few times, our instructor removed the mat. We were surprised that we were able to get up the wall after only a few tries.

The ultimate test is on a wall about the height of the one on the show. We charged at it at full speed and missed the top a few times. Our instructor spotted us with a mat behind us so we could fall backward with no consequence.

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