Tip: Here’s how to scramble

Rock scrambling while hiking

We’re not talking about the eggs you’re eating for brunch. Many hikes in the northeast require some amount of rock scrambling or using your hands and feet to ascend a steeper-than-usual part of a hiking trail. Here’s a few basic tips to help move yourself up these sometimes tricky trail sections.

Most trails mark the best path upward with blazes but if that’s not the case where you are, be sure to make a plan before you start to climb. Avoid loose rock and any areas that don’t have a lot of places for you to securely place your hands and feet. Next, be sure to keep at least three limbs on the rock as you move upward—so if one hand is reaching forward, leave the other where it is to help you balance and only move your feet when both hands are stable.

We’d recommend sticking to the rock scrambles like the ones around Storm King or Breakneck Ridge while you’re getting used to the technique. Be careful out there!

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