Turn your weekend jog up a notch with a trail run

trail running ward pound ridge

This week’s adventure is an essay from contributor and new Sorta Outdoorsy pal Lyndsey Boekenkamp. If you have a Sorta Outdoorsy story you’d like to share, email hi@sortaoutdoorsy.com.

Being a trail runner, I’m always looking for new challenges. Every weekend, I prep my hydration pack, whip up a few PB&Js, jump in my car, and go off in search of dirt, rocks, and freedom. On those days when a quick local jaunt just doesn’t cut it, I lace up my sneakers and head to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Located in the small town of Cross River, NY about an hour north of NYC by Metro-North, and with more than 40 miles of trails, it’s the perfect place to get lost on purpose. Steeped in lore and local history, the site is the location of several well-known trail races throughout the year, including the infamous Leatherman’s Loop 10K in April, which boasts steep climbs, sweet single track (clear, narrow, well groomed trails), and a whole lot of mud. Continue reading Turn your weekend jog up a notch with a trail run