Feel and look great in a Tradlands button-up shirt

tradlands shirts
Photos courtesy Tradlands.

We’re always looking for a shirt we can wear climbing or hiking on the weekend as well as to the office during the week. Tradlands has answered that call by creating well-made women’s button ups with quality fabrics, cut to fit but not be too constraining.The shirt is easy to wear and looks great—we’ve been wearing a few items from the new spring line this week and have gotten numerous compliments from co-workers and hiking buddies alike.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Tradlands’ founder Sadie Roberts. In addition to telling us what makes a great button-up, Sadie described her perfect day off (a beach day with her dog and husband/business partner, Jeremy) as well as lessons she’s learned running her own company over the last few years.

We included a few bonus questions from our chat below and you can view the interview on Range’s blog.

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