Social climbing: How outdoor activities can help a new city feel like home

Outdoor Community in a new city

This week we bring you a personal essay from contributor and Sorta Outdoorsy pal Allie Lee. If you have a Sorta Outdoorsy story you’d like to share, email us at

When I made the New Year’s resolution to “be more spontaneous,” I had no idea that I would actually keep it. But soon, I found myself, with just a few weeks’ notice, moving from New York to London. Although I was excited to move to a new city and get out of my comfort zone, I was nervous about leaving the close-knit climbing community that was a big part of my life in New York. Continue reading Social climbing: How outdoor activities can help a new city feel like home

Talk to strangers: a few of our favorite outdoor meetups

Most major cities have plenty of meetups that host various outdoor activities for all different levels of enthusiasts. A few of our local favorites are New York City Archery GroupNY Ski and Snowboard ClubHudson Valley HikersGhost Skate New YorkCrux Climbing and Outdoorfest.

One of the best parts about getting involved in an outdoor activity is that most of them are designed to be done in groups or with partners. Whether it’s climbing, camping or canoeing, signing up for trips and classes are great ways to find new friends, no matter where you are. Check your local REI for a range of courses like Snowshoeing Basics or Solo Backpacking.

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