Devil’s Path tested our hiking limits

Devil's Path

It’s easy to become overconfident when you’re spending most of your weekends outdoors. But the thing about exploring these wild places is that eventually you’ll encounter a situation that humbles you.

Such was our own experience a few weeks ago on the Devil’s Path—a 22ish mile hike that winds up and down six peaks in the Catskills. The challenge became both mental and physical as we attempted to climb Indian Head, Twin, Sugarloaf, Plateau, Hunter and Westkill mountain in a day. We’ve been on a few long distance backpacking trips and thought this day-hike, while not easy, wouldn’t require more than just some extra sweat and motivation to get through. Continue reading Devil’s Path tested our hiking limits

Spring hike checklist: Trails near New York City

Sorta Outdoorsy Spring Hike Photo by Emile Hallez
Photo by Emile Hallez

We were discussing some of our favorite hikes near the city at Outdoorfest’s Mappy Hour last night which stirred the project manager in us to start creating a list of trails we’d like to explore over the next few weeks. Check out our picks below and let us know what’s on your spring hike to-do list.  Continue reading Spring hike checklist: Trails near New York City