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Winter Storm Jonas has made the world outside our doorstep look like the Arctic so we’re spending some time indoors today. No matter—time spent indoors means time to plan or shop for things we’ll need outdoors. We wrote about one of our favorite clothing staples to wear on hiking in this week’s newsletter—the flannel button up and while we only had room to include one current favorite, we thought it only fair to post about a few others that we just can’t live without. Without further adieu, here are our favorite flannel button-ups:

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Boulder Denim is about to release a line of jeans you can actually live in

Boulder Denim Skinny Jeans Womens

We’re living in the golden age of technical clothing. But while it’s easy enough to find jackets or shirts that look good and perform even better, we personally haven’t been able to find a pair of jeans that we can wear to the climbing gym and then out to drinks on a Friday night. Enter Boulder Denim, a Canadian company that’s about to release a line of jeans that will become your everyday go-to but that can stand up to the physical and flexible demands of climbing, hiking and, apparently, yoga.

“We noticed people like to climb in jeans but it always boggled my mind how people could do so in such restrictive pants,” said Bradley Spence, Founder of Boulder Denim. “Jeans are thick, heavy and have very little stretch. The only thing they have going for them is their style, durability and protection from rocks and climbing walls.”

So Bradley and his team set out to create a technical, stretchy and stylish denim that was made to last more than a few trips to the crag. Check out our interview with him below and mark your calendars for November 19th—that’s the day you’ll be able to snag a pair of these pants on Kickstarter. Continue reading Boulder Denim is about to release a line of jeans you can actually live in

Our favorite Woolrich collaborations


We can’t help but notice Woolrich these days… like everywhere! The brand has been doing collaborations with a wide range of partners like Topo Designs and Dogfish Head (that’s right, the beer company). We wrote about a Woolrich classic last week so the timing seemed as good as any to review some of our favorite Woolrich collabs.

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