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We’ve been glued to our computer screens this week searching for flights to our summer vacation destinations but there’s one week that we’ve made sure to block out on our iCals to remind us to stick around NYC for and that’s the week of June 11th when OutdoorFest will be taking over the city.

You might have read our previous write-up about the 10 day festival but we wanted to take a moment to talk about the kick off campout on Saturday, June 11th which is filled to the brim with its own activities. It’s almost like a mini festival within a festival and the perfect way to get a healthy dose of the outdoors if that’s the only chance you have to experience OutdoorFest, or if you’re super excited about all the other outdoor events happening around the city that week. 

Full disclosure—we’re lending a hand in coordinating these activities but this makes us especially qualified to tell you that this isn’t your typical campout. Take the nighttime 5k trail race which starts at the campground in Staten Island. Runners will race along the Staten Island Greenbelt with headlamps on and DJs will be encouraging them as they go with music and cheers. It will be like a race scene from the movies.

If running isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You can take a hike earlier in the day on the Greenbelt or stick around camp for a yoga session before hitting up a travel writing workshop. Everybody will be back in time to partake in a fire building without flint seminar and a few wilderness survival challenges. There will be telescopes set up for stargazing, a listening party around a campfire and even a concert in the woods. When have you ever camped like this?

Grab your tickets here. We hope to see you there.

This adventure was featured in today’s edition of the newsletter. Check it out for a discount code for 20% off the ticket price of the entire campout or just the trail race. 

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