Make art out of all those photos you take outdoors

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We take a ton of photos during our outdoor adventures (pics or it didn’t happen). But what do you do with all those snaps after you the Instagram and Facebook likes have waned? One way to continue to revel in the glory of an awesome hike or a tough climb is to frame a photo and hang it somewhere prominently in your apartment.

We’re fond of making oversize prints on the large format printer at Fedex Office. Once we have our poster sized print in hand, we’ll create a DIY frame and hang it so it’s the centerpiece of a room.

frame those outdoor photos

If you’re not ready to redecorate quite so much, consider the slightly smaller but full color print options from Artifact Uprising which allows you to send photos straight from your Instagram account.

We had to take a few online classes before capturing a photo worthy enough of so much effort. If you find your photos lacking, we recommend this Skillshare class. It focuses on outdoor photography specifically and even touches on some editing tips.

So be sure to take a few extra snaps while you’re out hiking, climbing, biking or camping this weekend.

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