This video about urban climbing will inspire you to go to the gym

We find it’s hard to not talk about climbing as much as we’d like to (we don’t want to be just a newsletter about climbing after all) and this video, produced by the activewear company Prana, helped us to understand why. Of all the outdoor inspired activities available in cities, urban climbing seems to have become one of the most popular thanks in part to the explosion of climbing gyms (at least three new gyms have opened in NYC in the last five years).

As the video points out, projects like the Dumbo Boulders in Brooklyn Bridge Park and the outdoor bouldering tunnel in Spain prove that cities like New York and Barcelona are even officially embracing the culture. Chalk (hahah) full of shots of both cities and featuring cameos of climbing big shots like Chris Sharma, Paul Robinson and Olivia Hsu, the video explains how city architecture influences the design of climbing walls. You’ll be inspired to head to the gym tomorrow morning.

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