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womens flannel

Winter Storm Jonas has made the world outside our doorstep look like the Arctic so we’re spending some time indoors today. No matter—time spent indoors means time to plan or shop for things we’ll need outdoors. We wrote about one of our favorite clothing staples to wear on hiking in this week’s newsletter—the flannel button up and while we only had room to include one current favorite, we thought it only fair to post about a few others that we just can’t live without. Without further adieu, here are our favorite flannel button-ups:

The Arapahoe Red button up from Tradlands (a company that aims to make menswear go-tos for women—hence this fantastic fitting shirt), is at the top of our list because it’s made with the lady who adventures in mind—the buttons are double stitched and the fabric can be machine washed. We feel great in it without the fuss.

womens flannel

This long sleeve flannel from Uniqlo is the workhorse of our closet. We’ve owned ours for years and even after hundreds of cycles in the washing machine it still fits as it did the day we bought it. We’re sorry we’re including it even though it’s out of stock—that just means buy as many as you can if you can ever find them.

best flannel

We turn to Bridge & Burn when we want a fancier version of a piece of clothing we’ve worn to threads and their Paige Indigo Plaid Shirt is no exception. The company hails from the pacific northwest—who knows flannel better?

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